As urban myth would have it, you’re a man of habits. Around this time, you’re supposed to have haunted Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant every day. Is that true?
Yeah. I was into Bob’s halfway through Eraserhead. Each day at 2:30 p.m. I’d have several cups of coffee and one chocolate shake - a silver goblet shake. I discovered that sugar makes me happy and inspires me, so I would get onto a sugar jag and create on the napkins. Try to get ideas, I got so wound up that I had to rush home and write. I’m heavily into sugar. I call it ‘granulated happiness.’ It’s just a great help. You know, a friend.

How long did your love affair with Bob’s last?
Eight, nine years. The end of Dune was pretty much the end of Bob’s.

Moi, j’aime beaucoup le sucre, aussi.

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