I am very intrigued by this new Tumblr Mallory’s Clothes, which promises to show every outfit worn by Justine Bateman’s character on Family Ties in chronological order. It will be interesting to observe the shifts in wardrobe — Mallory was meant to be something of a vain fashionista type — over the course of the ’80s. So far they’ve only been through the beginning of the show’s first season in 1982, and her clothes have been mostly pretty great, and relatively timeless. (Or do I just say that because I live in NYC and there’s always a lot of pretty girls mining the same late ’70s/early ’80s vintage style?) Anyway, I’d love to see similar projects for other television characters — Elaine Benes from Seinfeld seems like a very good and obvious choice for this type of blog. I’ll tell you this — looking through these posts, I’m starting to realize that Justine Bateman/Mallory Keaton definitely had some lasting influence on what kind I find to be foxy.

I am so fucking humbled. If I find some Family Ties behind-the-scenes pics with good wardrobe, I’ll send them on to Mallory’sClothes.

Source: mallorysclothes